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How to Handle an Accident Involving a Drunk Driver

Every 50 minutes, someone dies as a result of an alcohol-impaired driver, according to the CDC, and more than a million drivers are arrested each year for driving under the influence. In fact, drunk driving is the number one killer on our country’s roads. If you are involved in an accident with a drunk driver, Read More

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How to Take Good Photos After a Car Accident

Photos are incredibly important following a car accident. They can help insurance companies and law enforcement officials determine what happened during the accident and can be used as evidence in a court of law. Learn more about the purpose of post-accident photos and tips for taking them well. The Purpose of Car Accident Photos If Read More

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Do Dashcams Actually Affect Your Lawsuit?

Dashcams can be a great way to capture footage in the event of an accident or other incident. They can also provide evidence if you need to make a claim on your car insurance or if you are involved in a lawsuit. However, there are some pros and cons to using a dashcam that should Read More

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5 Ways to Avoid Slip-and-Fall Accidents in the Workplace

Slip-and-fall accidents are a common occurrence in the workplace, accounting for approximately 700 fatalities per year and serious injuries. Business owners can take steps to prevent these accidents from happening by proactively taking the following five steps: Keep Pathways and Walkways Well-Lit If your workplace is dimly lit, be sure to increase the lighting in Read More

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What Happens If You Leave the Scene of a Hit and Run Car Accident?

Accidents happen, and when they do, drivers are expected to stay and communicate with the other drivers and people involved, as well as talk to police officers who arrive at the scene. Failure to do these things is legally prosecuted as “leaving the scene of an accident” or a “hit and run.” (These terms are Read More

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What Is The Most Common Motorcycle Accident?

A motorcycle is an exhilarating vehicle, giving its rider a sense of excitement and freedom. The drawback is that motorcycle riders are more vulnerable to injuries from accidents. You have a helmet, but no seatbelt, airbag, crumple zone, or frame to protect you. And having two wheels instead of four, your vehicle is less stable Read More

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Construction Sites Pose Many Risks to Pedestrians

Everyone knows that construction sites pose many risks to construction workers. What’s less commonly understood is that these sites can also pose a risk to pedestrians who need to walk past them. Here’s an overview of some of the risks that construction sites pose to pedestrians. Falling Objects  In cities, many construction projects involve tall Read More

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What Can I Do If I Was Hit by a Car?

Getting hit by a car can be annoying or traumatizing, depending on the severity of the accident. It’s important to know ahead of time what to do next. Here’s an overview of how to respond to auto accidents. Drive to Safety A collision can be utterly disorienting, but it’s important to move your car to Read More

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What Are the Common Causes of Bicycle Accidents?

In 2019, there were over 1,000 preventable deaths and over 30,000 preventable nonfatal injuries from bicycle transportation in the United States, according to recent data from the National Safety Council. While biking can be a great way to stay in shape and get around town, it is not without its risks. Let’s take a look Read More

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Why Do Work Injuries Go Unreported

According to several studies, most work injuries aren’t reported to OSHA as required, and many aren’t even reported to management. This OSHA survey indicates that most private companies could not confirm that their OSHA logs are maintained at all. Why would this be? Let’s take a look at a few main causes. Self-Diagnosing of Injuries Read More

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