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Products Liability

Veteran New Jersey Products Liability Lawyers

A proven record of successful recovery for more than 65 years

When you use a product as directed, you generally feel confident in its safety and effectiveness. This implied warranty of a product’s fitness allows the general public to use everyday items without fear of injury. However, injuries do happen regularly because of defects in products created by designers, manufacturers and venders.

For more than 65 years, the attorneys at Gelman Gelman Wiskow & McCarthy LLC have helped consumers throughout New Jersey recover damages for injuries sustained because of defective products. Our goal is to recover the maximum compensation available in your products liability lawsuit. In addition, we hope to increase product safety by holding corporations liable for injuries that their harmful products cause to consumers, thereby prompting them to improve their products’ safety features.

Understand the New Jersey Product Liability Act

The New Jersey Product Liability Act is codified in the New Jersey Statutes Title 2A Chapter 58C. These regulations provide the basis for many of our lawsuits involving defective consumer products. Our lawyers have litigated numerous cases under N.J.S.A. 2A:58C since its passage in 1987 and have a deep understanding of the impact intervening cases have made on the landmark personal injury legislation.

Holding corporations accountable for products liability injuries

Products liability claims apply to all types of consumer products you encounter every day in your home, your office, your motor vehicle and throughout your environment. Our lawyers have successfully recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages for injuries or illnesses caused by:

  • Medical supplies — involving defective medical devices and harmful pharmaceuticals
  • Automobiles and parts — such as faulty airbags, brakes, seatbelts and car frames
  • Home and yard equipment — including unsafe power tools, malfunctioning landscaping machines and dangerous ladders
  • Household appliances — such as ovens, toasters, deep fryers and washing machines
  • Food — involving contamination by chemicals, bacteria, parasites, allergens or foreign objects
  • Baby products — for example, toys, cribs, pacifiers, blankets and clothing
  • Beauty supplies and cosmetics — including hairdryers, curling irons, makeup and lotions
  • Building materials — for example, chemicals included in the manufacturing of insulation, paint and particle board
  • Everyday cleaning supplies — such as pest control poisons and cleaning materials

At the New Jersey law firm of Gelman Gelman Wiskow & McCarthy LLC, clients meet one-on-one with a skilled attorney to discuss their product liability case. When you work with us, you’re given a team of attorneys and legal professionals to assist you throughout the process.

Consult us to discuss damages for injuries suffered because of defective products

For more information about products liability lawsuits, call Gelman Gelman Wiskow & McCarthy LLC at 862-263-0770 or contact us online to schedule your one-hour free initial consultation. We serve clients in Elmwood Park, Dover, Bernardsville and Newton, NJ and offer Spanish-speaking translators upon request.

  • In 2021, a year in which New Jersey courts were basically closed for trials, our firm still settled almost 100 cases for in excess of nine million dollars. Furthermore, our average settlement—for the first time in the firm’s 70+ year history—exceeded $100,000.00. In the last ten years, the firm’s clients have recovered over 100 million dollars.
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  • Results may vary depeding on your particular facts and legal circumstances.
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