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Real Dangers That Can Occur with Laparoscopic Surgery

Laparoscopic surgery is a minimally invasive surgical technique used to treat a variety of medical conditions. This type of surgery is generally considered safer than traditional open surgery due to smaller incisions and less scarring. However, there are real dangers associated with laparoscopic surgery that patients need to be aware of before undergoing the procedure. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the risks associated with laparoscopic surgery and how to protect yourself from harm.

Organ Perforation

One of the real dangers of laparoscopic surgery is accidental organ perforation. This occurs when the surgeon punctures or tears an internal organ, such as the bladder or intestines. The risk of organ perforation is higher in laparoscopic surgery compared to open surgery, and it can result in severe internal bleeding, infection, and other complications. Patients who experience persistent abdominal pain, fever, or bleeding after laparoscopic surgery should seek immediate medical attention.

Internal Bleeding

Laparoscopic SurgeryIn some cases, accidental damage to blood vessels can result in uncontrolled bleeding. Internal bleeding can cause severe pain and life-threatening conditions. Patients who take blood-thinning medications or have a family history of bleeding disorders are at higher risk of internal bleeding.

Anesthesia Complications

Anesthesia is administered during surgery to control pain and put the patient to sleep. However, complications can arise, such as an allergic reaction to the anesthesia, which could lead to severe complications.

Blood Clots

During and after laparoscopic surgery, patients are at risk of developing blood clots. Blood clots can cause blockages in the blood vessels and lead to severe complications like stroke and heart attacks. People who are overweight or have a history of blood clots run a higher risk of developing them after a surgical procedure.


Infection is another complication associated with laparoscopic surgery. Although rare, infection can occur when bacteria enter the body through incisions made during surgery. Symptoms of infection include fever, redness and swelling at the incision site, and increased pain. In severe cases, infection can lead to sepsis, a life-threatening condition. Proper sterilization techniques and antibiotic prophylaxis can reduce the risk of infection in laparoscopic surgery.

Nerve Damage

Another risk associated with laparoscopic surgery is nerve damage. This can occur when the surgeon accidentally touches or cuts a nerve during the procedure. Nerve damage can lead to chronic pain, numbness, and weakness, and it can be difficult to treat. Patients who experience persistent numbness or tingling after laparoscopic surgery should consult their doctor immediately.

Medical Malpractice

In some cases, the dangers associated with laparoscopic surgery can be attributed to medical malpractice. Negligence on the part of the surgeon, anesthesiologist, or other medical staff can result in serious harm to the patient. Patients who have suffered harm due to medical malpractice in laparoscopic surgery may be entitled to compensation for their injuries.

Consult with A Medical Malpractice Attorney Today if You Have Concerns

Laparoscopic surgery is a relatively safe and effective surgical technique for treating a variety of medical conditions. However, it is not without its risks. Patients who are considering laparoscopic surgery should be aware of the potential dangers and take steps to protect themselves from harm. This includes choosing a qualified and experienced surgeon, asking questions about the procedure, and informing the medical staff of any pre-existing medical conditions. If you have suffered harm due to laparoscopic surgery, it is important to consult with a medical malpractice attorney at Gelman Gelman Wiskow & McCarthy who can help you understand your legal rights and seek compensation for your injuries. Contact us today!

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