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10 Most Common Types of Truck Accidents

Trucks are essential to the supply chain, transporting goods and supporting businesses nationwide. But because trucks are large and powerful, they can endanger surrounding motorists, especially when operated negligently.

According to the National Safety Council, 5,700 large trucks were involved in fatal crashes in 2021, a staggering 49 percent increase over the past decade, resulting in nearly 5,800 deaths. Injuries from truck accidents also increased in 2021 to 155,000, up 5 percent from 2020. Clearly, while the role trucks play is undeniable, so are the risks they pose on the road.

Dangerous Truck Accidents

truck accidentsHere are 10 of the most common and dangerous types of truck accidents:

  1. Rollover accident: A truck’s high center of gravity makes it susceptible to rollover accidents. Distracted driving, taking turns too fast, and unsafely navigating windy conditions can escalate the risk.
  2. Rear-end accidents: A rear-end accident involving a truck can be devastating. The truck’s sheer weight can cause catastrophic damage to surrounding passenger vehicles, even while the truck driver remains unharmed.
  3. Head-on collisions: Often resulting from failure to yield the right of way or falling asleep at the wheel, a head-on collision with a truck can cause severe property damage and loss of life. Factors like driver fatigue, distraction, or tire issues may amplify the risk.
  4. Jackknife accidents: In rainy or snowy conditions, hard braking can cause a truck to enter a dangerous “jackknife” position. The sideways trailer takes up most of the road, which can bulldoze through other cars or surrounding buildings until the truck grinds to a halt.
  5. T-bone accidents: These incidents occur primarily at intersections when a truck collides with the side of another vehicle. Ignoring traffic signals or making improper turns are the key culprits.
  6. Sideswipe accidents: Often resulting from blind spots or sudden lane changes, sideswipes can push smaller vehicles into danger, increasing the risk of a multi-car pileup.
  7. Wide-turn accidents: Maneuvering a truck requires expertise. A wide turn can put nearby vehicles at significant risk, especially if they’re in the truck’s blind spot.
  8. Lost loads: Improperly secured freight can tumble onto the roadway, posing unexpected hazards for surrounding vehicles.
  9. Underride accidents: A consequence of sudden braking, these accidents involve smaller vehicles sliding under the truck, often with tragic outcomes.
  10. Tire blowouts: Tire issues can cause truck drivers to lose control, posing a risk to themselves and other motorists.

Should You Hire a Truck Accident Attorney?

Accidents involving large trucks can lead to extensive physical, emotional, and financial distress. The journey to recovery is long and demanding. A truck accident lawyer is there to take the pressure off. You’ve got enough on your plate, so trusting a dedicated legal team to advocate for your rights is worthwhile.

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