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Paying Your Bills After Your Work Injury

If you were injured at work and are disabled you may have many questions, such as, who is going to pay for your hospital and medical costs if you can’t work?

There are several important programs that are designed to help you continue to pay your expenses while you are out of work. It is best to meet with a knowledgeable attorney as the time limits, rules and guidelines are often complicated and confusing. Here are some of the available programs that you should be aware of if you were injured in an accident at work:

  • Workers compensation: Workers comp coverage pays for medical treatment, lost wages and temporary or permanent disability compensation if you were injured on the job. It does not matter how the accident occurred or who was responsible. Workers usually sign away the right to sue their employers when they sign up for this coverage. If you are denied coverage, it is important to appeal with the help of a qualified workers’ compensation attorney to get the compensation to which you are entitled.
  • Social Security Disability Insurance (SSD): You may be eligible to receive disability benefits depending on how long you have worked and how long you will be disabled. You can apply and, if your claim is denied, our attorneys can help you appeal.
  • Private loans: There are private legal financing companies that may loan you money while your case is pending. This is not something we generally encourage but it may be an option when there is an immediate pressing need for money and your case has a potential for a large award. The company gets repaid after your case settles, but there is typically high interest attached which can reduce your final amount. Our firm has no stake in these transactions but we can help you choose a reputable company.

Our Social Security Disability attorneys are experienced in helping our clients receive the benefits available when they have been injured at work.

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