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Falls Continue to Be the Number One Cause of Serious Brain Injury

You have the right to expect reasonable safety when visiting public premises such as stores and government offices. When you fall on unsafe premises, you can suffer serious injury — often to your spine or head. These types of accidents fall under premises liability law, which allows you to pursue compensation for all related damages, even when your injuries cause a lifetime of disability.

Falls cause 35.2 percent of traumatic brain injuries (TBI). While not all head injuries are severe, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates the economic cost of TBI in 2010 alone at about $76.5 billion. When you consider that the brain is like the master computer of all bodily functions, it is easy to understand how a catastrophic brain injury can result in long-term or permanent disability that can affect virtually any aspect of life, such as the following:

  • Employment. A loss of cognitive or motor functions can make it impossible to continue prior employment — or even prevent the continuation of any employment at all.
  • Relationships. The stress of physical and mental disabilities takes a toll on everyone close to accident victims, particularly those who must care for them.
  • Personal care. A severe brain injury can prevent an individual from performing even the most fundamental types of routine care without assistance, including eating, bathing and dressing.

Victims of catastrophic injury accidents incur the extensive costs of medical treatment and a potential lifetime of paying for personal services. However, proving responsibility under premises liability law and identifying all past, current and future anticipated expenses requires skillful legal assistance. Seek help and advice from an attorney with specific experience protecting the rights of the injured in these complex accident situations.

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