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What Is The Most Common Motorcycle Accident?

motorcycle accidentA motorcycle is an exhilarating vehicle, giving its rider a sense of excitement and freedom. The drawback is that motorcycle riders are more vulnerable to injuries from accidents. You have a helmet, but no seatbelt, airbag, crumple zone, or frame to protect you. And having two wheels instead of four, your vehicle is less stable than a car. All of these factors make you nearly 30 times more likely to die in a crash than car occupants. If you ride a motorcycle, it’s good for you to know the most common motorcycle accidents, so you can better avoid them in the future.

Oblivious Drivers

Around 3/4 of motorcycle accidents involve a motorcycle and a passenger vehicle. Bikers can help prevent this by making themselves more visible on the road. They can do this by keeping all their vehicular lights in good working order. Drivers can do their part by keeping alert while driving and being respectful of motorcyclists.

Negligent or Reckless Drivers

Many accidents are due to bad drivers. About half of them involve mistakes at intersections. Keep your eyes open, and look out for reckless drivers.

Poor Road Conditions

Heavy thunderstorms and snowstorms pose great risks to most drivers. This is especially true for motorcyclists. Pay attention to weather forecasts. If conditions look dangerous, consider taking alternate transportation or delaying your trip.

Road Construction or Repairs

Road construction zones pose a risk to all drivers but more so for motorcyclists. Not only are construction workers and vehicles possible obstacles for you, they also can be the cause of distractions for the drivers around you. You’re also more vulnerable to pavement issues, such as hot rough or uneven surfaces, or hot tar.

Faulty Motorcycle Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is vital for all drivers, but motorcyclists are especially vulnerable if a tire blows out on the highway. You’re also at high risk if you’re unable to vacate an intersection due to engine failure. Pay close attention to your vehicle and perform all required maintenance.

Lack of Helmet and Protective Clothing

Not only should motorcyclists wear high-visibility clothing, but it should also be protective. Many special jackets and pants are available to protect your skin if you fall. Scraping your skin on the road can cause much more than superficial damage. It can damage deep tissue and lead to serious infections and the need for skin grafts.

Most importantly, wearing a helmet can mean the difference between life or death in a crash. Without a helmet, you’re twice as likely to suffer a traumatic brain injury in a motorcycle accident. Helmets should be replaced after a crash, or every five years.

Know Your Legal Rights

When you need a practiced motorcycle accident lawyer, trust our experienced lawyers. We work hard to investigate every aspect of your case. Our Elmwood Park, NJ investigative teams will review police reports, photographs, and testimony to pick out any indications of negligence. Our attention to detail ensures your case will be heard and will give you a clear advantage in negotiations or in court. Contact us today to start planning your case with a skilled motorcycle accident attorney.

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